Jandakot Bioenergy Plant

Location: Jandakot, Perth WA

Start Date: November 2013 

Completion Date: January 2015

Client: Richgro Garden Products

Delorean’s Engineering Division undertook the development, design, finance, build, commissioning and operational support for the Jandakot Bioenergy Plant – processing commercial and industrial organic waste streams to power generation.

Delorean handled approvals from planning to DER (EPA) including grid connection and sale of the renewable power generated on site.

Blue Lake Milling Bioenergy Plant

Location: Bordertown, South Australia

Start Date: Q3 2019

Finish Date: Q3 2022

Client: Blue Lake Milling (CBH Group) 

Delorean’s Engineering Division was contracted for the design, turnkey EPC, commissioning and operation of a grain milling operation bioenergy plant in South Australia. The project will offset in full the Principal’s existing and future energy requirements, with surplus energy exported to the grid. 

The Blue Lake Milling (CBH Group) Bioenergy project is the first of its kind in the world to process Ground Oat Milled Fines (GOMF) for power production on site, behind the meter. Delorean has achieved full commissioning and client handover of the Blue Lake Milling Bioenergy Project.

Ecogas Bioenergy Plant

Location: Reparoa, New Zealand

Start Date: Q1 2021

Finish Date: Q3 2023

Client: Pioneer/Ecogas

Delorean Corporation’s Engineering Division was contracted for the design, turnkey build and construction of this bioenergy facility in New Zealand. This facility will take food organics from the Auckland City Council collections, with the energy produced supplying a major greenhouse operation.

The Ecogas Bioenergy project is New Zealand’s first commercial scale anaerobic digestion plant. Delorean achieved Practical Completion on the Ecogas project, with the plant successfully generating biogas.

SA1 Salisbury Bioenergy Plant

Location: Salisbury, South Australia

It is Australia’s first project to create green gas to mains utilising organic waste feedstocks.

In Stage 1 the project will process up to 70,000 tonnes per annum of commercial/industrial waste streams from the Adelaide metropolitan area, exporting 2000 Terajoules per annum of renewable gas (biomethane) into the gas network under a multi-year offtake with Origin.  Surplus energy will be exported to the grid.

In Stage 2 (future expansion), there is the potential to increase to 125,000 tonnes per annum.

VIC1 Stanhope Bioenergy Plant

Location: Stanhope, Victoria

This bioenergy plant is 90% Delorean Corporation owned.  FID was secured in May 2021 and the project has now progressed into the construction phase.

In Stage 1, the project will process up to 54,000 tonne per annum of organic and agricultural waste streams for the generation of 1.2MW baseload renewable electricity exported to the grid.  In Stage 2 (future expansion), there is the potential for extension to 71,000 tonne per annum.

QLD1 Bioenergy Plant

Location: Queensland

Queensland One Project will process up to 83,000 tonnes per annum providing 3.0MW generation capacity (electricity to grid/behind the meter). It is 100% owned by Delorean Energy, and is subject to FID.  The project is expected to be ready for FID in early-2024.

Yarra Valley Water Bioenergy Plant

Location: Lilydale, Victoria
Location: Yarra Valley Water

Delorean Corporation’s Engineering Division is contracted for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of Yarra Valley Water’s (YVW) second food waste to energy plant at Lilydale, Victoria.

This new facility will be one of the largest food waste to energy facilities of its kind in Victoria, diverting approximately 50,000 tonnes of food waste from landfill each year and generating over 10,000 Megawatt hours of electricity. Yarra Valley Water’s new Lilydale facility will supply the adjacent sewage treatment plant, and the co-located Recycled Water Pump Station, with surplus energy exported to the grid.