Delorean Corporation

About Us

Delorean Corporation is proud to be the only ASX-listed company leading with bioenergy and commercial production of renewable gas in the form of biomethane. We are a vertically integrated business operating in two of Australia’s highest growth industries – renewable energy and waste management.

The process of anaerobic digestion diverts organic waste from landfill and utilises it for the production of clean energy.  Our business has a significant pipeline of bioenergy projects in construction and under development.

Delorean Corporation group began in 2014 with our Engineering Division, which was established as an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor to build bioenergy plants in Australia and New Zealand. The company then established a division to retail energy for its completed projects. 

This Energy Retail Division has licences in both the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) and the National Electric Market (NEM).  To complete the model, Delorean’s Infrastructure Division was created to develop and manage company owned bioenergy assets.  This division reflects our strategic shift to in house development, construction, ownership and monetisation of renewable energy assets.  

Delorean Corporation has the inhouse capability to deliver bioenergy projects across the full lifecycle, from project conception to completion.  Utilising established anaerobic digestion technology our facilities process organic waste to generate and monetise renewable energy in the form of electricity, heat and gas.  

Delorean’s biomethane also provides a platform for the production of renewable hydrogen.   Delorean is currently exploring a pathway into economic production of hydrogen at commercial scale, in the medium term, to service the industry.

Our Mission

Vision Statement

To be recognised as Australia and New Zealand’s leading emerging renewable energy generator and retailer, led by its fast-growing bioenergy infrastructure footprint.

Mission Statement

To build, own and operate the largest portfolio of commercially-successful renewable energy infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand, measured by value of developed assets and quantity of renewable electricity, heat and renewable gas produced.

The Process

Bioenergy is an organic process whereby biomass products are converted for use as distributable electricity, gas, liquid fuels, heat and bio-based products.

Step 1


  • agriculture
  • organic municipal waste
  • waste water
  • industrial waste
  • animal residues
Step 2


  • anaerobic digestion
Step 3


  • heat
  • fuel gas
  • biogas
  • renewable energy
  • biofertiliser
  • biomethane
  • carbon dioxide
  • hydrogen
Step 4


  • electricity
  • heat
  • renewable energy
  • transportation fuel
Renewable Energy

Australia’s Bioenergy Landscape

Biogas is a mature stage technology, globally established and led by Europe, but still emerging in Australia.  Coupled with Australia’s evolving environmental policy in waste processing, and a significant push towards renewable energy, there are significant opportunities for investment in the sector.   Delorean is uniquely positioned to capitalise on these exciting opportunities as we are an early-moving market leader with extensive industry expertise.

Delorean is the only ASX-listed, vertically integrated generator and retailer of bioenergy, utilising anaerobic digestion plants to deliver projects end to end through infrastructure development, construction, operation and energy retail.

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