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Delorean Corporation’s Infrastructure Division specialises in the infrastructure development and management of Delorean Corporation owned and operated bioenergy plants

Our infrastructure development and management division (formerly Delorean Energy) specialises in the development of bioenergy plants using mature technology anaerobic digestion systems.   This division supports Delorean’s strategic focus to expand our portfolio of company owned and operated bioenergy plants.   

Delorean takes these projects throughout the entire lifecycle, from concept planning and approval, to investment and financial structuring, through to building, owning and ultimately operating the assets.

Our Infrastructure Projects

SA1 Salisbury Bioenergy Plant

This project is located in Adelaide, South Australia.

In Stage 1 the project will process up to 70,000 tonnes per annum of commercial/industrial waste streams from the Adelaide metropolitan area, exporting 2000 Terajoules per annum of renewable gas (biomethane) into the gas network under a multi-year offtake with Origin.  Surplus energy will be exported to the grid.

In Stage 2 (future expansion), there is the potential to increase to 125,000 tonnes per annum

VIC1 Stanhope Bioenergy Plant 

This bioenergy plant in Stanhope, Victoria is 90% Delorean Corporation owned.  FID was secured in May 2021 and the project has now progressed into the construction phase. 

In Stage 1, the project will process up to 54,000 tonnes per annum of organic and agricultural waste streams for the generation of 1.2MW baseload renewable electricity exported to the grid.  In Stage 2 (future expansion), there is the potential for extension to 71,000 tonnes per annum.

QLD1 Bioenergy Plant

Queensland One Project will process up to 83,000 tonnes per annum providing 3.0MW generation capacity (electricity to grid/behind the meter). It is 100% owned by Delorean Energy, and is subject to FID. The project is expected to be ready for FID in early-2024.


Bioenergy infrastructure requires a unique set of key parameters to underwrite bankability. Our infrastructure division understands this and targets projects which demonstrate genuine viability.


Our experience gives us the ability to expeditiously take bioenergy projects through all key stages. This includes site selection and acquisition, to development approval and financial close.


Delorean Corporation’s partnerships go beyond investment and include co-location of assets, feedstock and waste supply synergies as well as energy offtake arrangements.


As a credible development outfit, Delorean Corporation maintains relationships with major infrastructure investors and investment banks, in addition to its own capital resources.

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